Leading Edge has a wide variety of production processes to meet all of our customers needs. At Leading Edge, we offer no clean, water soluable and RoHS soldering processes, in both our surface mount and through hole operations. Our soldering equipment uses computer control /fault monitoring. Solder is tested regularly for purity, and the performance of the machines is constantly evaluated to ensure quality and reliability in all products.


PCB Assembly

On-time delivery, without compromising quality. Extremely quick turn-around times are our niche. We offer full turnkey and consignment (kitted) services, as well as JIT (Kanban) production. Although we prefer to receive kitted components packaged on reels, tubes and trays, we can accommodate cut tape. We have dedicated machinery to offer our customers the choice of RoHS or leaded processes for both surface mount and through hole applications. Our soldering equipment utilizes computer control / fault monitoring to ensure proper parameters are maintained. Solder is tested regularly for purity, and the performance of the machines is continually evaluated to ensure quality and reliability in all processes.

Cable Assembly

Leading Edge Mfg Inc. offers it’s customers the value added service of in-house cable and harness production. We are tooled to pin many different manufacturers’ and stock many varieties and gauges of wire. All cables and harnesses are continuity or PC tested. Turnkey, JIT, and consignment (kitted) projects are welcome.

Prototyping and R&D Projects

Whether it be proof of concept or proof of design, new projects often have unexpected problems that need to be resolved quickly. Prototyping is always time sensitive and, Leading Edge is very responsive to our partners needs. We supply a First Article Assessment, which contains valuable feedback from a production standpoint to the engineers.

Component Supply

We’ve found that engineers appreciate the convenience of Leading Edge stocking a vast variety of passive components, discreet components and connectors. These components are available in surface mount and through hole packaging to our customers.

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating material is applied to electronic circuitry to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that, if uncoated (non-protected), could result in damage or failure of the electronics to function. When electronics must withstand harsh environments and added protection is necessary. Leading Edge Mfg Inc. offers it’s partners the option of spray-on, silicone based, UV inspectable conformal coating.


Leading Edge provides customers with the value added service of rework or repair on pre-assembled PCA’s. Repairing traces, replacing components, hardware or software upgrades are all part of the services that we provide.

Electromechanical Assembly

Leading Edge offers electromechanical assembly. We provide enclosure fabrication, installation of sub-assemblies and their components, and the installation and routing of cabling or wire harnesses. Leading Edge will ship direct to our partners’ customers.

Device Programming

Leading Edge offers our customers the value added service of device programming. Whether it be In-System (on-board) or stand alone programming, Leading Edge can accommodate your requirements.

PCB Supply

Leading Edge and our partners are well positioned to extend to our customers excellent pricing for your raw PCB needs. Excellent quality, electrically tested and UL approved, single sided to multi-layer, we can offer very competitive pricing and quick lead times. Send us your Gerber files and we will provide you with a quote in short order.


For added assurance and reliability, Leading Edge offers our customers full functional test. Custom test beds/jigs can be supplied by the customer or, we can fashion them for you.

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